Deployment Template

A deployment configuration is a manifest of the application. It defines the runtime behavior of the application.
Devtron includes deployment template for both default as well as custom charts created by a super admin.
To configure a deployment chart for your application, do the following steps:
  • Go to Applications and create a new application.
  • Go to App Configuration page and configure your application.
  • On the Base Deployment Template page, select the drop-down under Chart type.
You can select a chart in one of the following ways:
  1. 3.

Select chart from Custom Charts

Custom charts are added by a super admin from the Custom charts section.
Users can select the available custom charts from the drop-down list.
Select custom chart

Upload Custom Chart

A custom chart can be uploaded by a super admin.

Application Metrics

Enable show application metrics toggle to view the application metrics on the App Details page.
Show application metrics
IMPORTANT: Enabling Application metrics introduces a sidecar container to your main container which may require some additional configuration adjustments. We recommend you to do load test after enabling it in a non-production environment before enabling it in production environment.
Select Save & Next to save your configurations.