To check the current version of your Devtron setup, use the following command

kubectl -n devtroncd get installers installer-devtron -o jsonpath='{.status.sync.data}' | grep "^LTAG=" | cut -d"=" -f2-

Proceed with the following steps only if the version is 0.6.x


  1. Set the release name

export RELEASE_NAME=devtron
  1. Label and annotate the service accounts in the devtron-ci namespace

kubectl -n devtron-ci label sa --all "app.kubernetes.io/managed-by=Helm" --overwrite
kubectl -n devtron-ci annotate sa --all "meta.helm.sh/release-name=$RELEASE_NAME" "meta.helm.sh/release-namespace=devtroncd" --overwrite
  1. Now, label and annotate the service accounts in the devtron-cd namespace

kubectl -n devtron-cd label sa --all "app.kubernetes.io/managed-by=Helm" --overwrite
kubectl -n devtron-cd annotate sa --all "meta.helm.sh/release-name=$RELEASE_NAME" "meta.helm.sh/release-namespace=devtroncd" --overwrite

Upgrade Commands

  1. Update the Helm repository

helm repo update
  1. Run the upgrade command for Devtron

helm upgrade devtron devtron/devtron-operator -n devtroncd --reuse-values -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devtron-labs/devtron/main/charts/devtron/devtron-bom.yaml

Expected Command Output

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