Getting Started

This section includes information about the minimum requirements you need to install and use Devtron.

Devtron is installed over a Kubernetes cluster. Once you create a Kubernetes cluster, Devtron can be installed standalone or along with CI/CD integration:

  • Devtron with CI/CD: Devtron installation with the CI/CD integration is used to perform CI/CD, security scanning, GitOps, debugging, and observability.

  • Helm Dashboard by Devtron: The Helm Dashboard by Devtron, which is a standalone installation, includes functionalities to deploy, observe, manage, and debug existing Helm applications in multiple clusters. You can also install integrations from Devtron Stack Manager.

In this section, we will cover the basic details on how you can quickly get started with Devtron. First, lets see what are the prerequisite requirements before you install Devtron.


Create a Kubernetes Cluster

You can create any Kubernetes cluster (preferably K8s version 1.16 or higher) for installing Devtron.

You can create a cluster using one of the following cloud providers as per your requirements:

Install Helm

Make sure to install helm.

The minimum requirements for installing Helm Dashboard by Devtron and Devtron with CI/CD as per the number of applications you want to manage on Devtron are provided below:

  • For configuring small resources (to manage not more than 5 apps on Devtron):

  • For configuring medium/larger resources (to manage more than 5 apps on Devtron):

Refer to the Override Configurations section for more information.


  • Please make sure that the recommended resources are available on your Kubernetes cluster before you proceed with Devtron installation.

  • It is NOT recommended to use brustable CPU VMs (T series in AWS, B Series in Azure and E2/N1 in GCP) for Devtron installation to experience consistency in performance.

Installation of Devtron

You can install Devtron standalone (Helm Dashboard by Devtron) or along with CI/CD integration. Or, you can upgrade Devtron to the latest version.

Choose one of the options as per your requirements:

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