Chart Repositories

You can add more chart repositories to Devtron. Once added, they will be available in the All Charts section of the Chart Store.

Note: After the successful installation of Devtron, click Refetch Charts to sync and download all the default charts listed on the dashboard.

Add Chart Repository

To add chart repository, go to the Chart Repositories section of Global Configurations. Click Add repository.

Note: Only public chart repositories can be connected as of now via Devtron.

Provide below information in the following fields:



Provide a Name of your chart repository. This name is added as prefix to the name of the chart in the listing on the helm chart section of application.


This is the URL of your chart repository. E.g.

Update Chart Repository

You can also update your saved chart repository settings.

  1. Click the chart repository which you want to update.

  2. Modify the required changes and click Update to save you changes.


  • You can perform a dry run to validate the below chart repo configurations by clicking Validate.

  • You can enable or disable your chart repository. If you enable it, then you will be able to see the enabled chart in All Charts section of the Chart Store.

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