If you want to check the current version of Devtron you are using, please use the following command.

kubectl -n devtroncd get installers installer-devtron -o jsonpath='{.status.sync.data}' | grep "^LTAG=" | cut -d"=" -f2-

Follow the below mentioned steps to upgrade the Devtron version using Helm

1. Check the devtron release name

helm list --namespace devtroncd

2. Set release name in the variable


3. Fetch the latest Devtron helm chart

helm repo update

4. Upgrade Devtron

4.1 Upgrade Devtron to latest version

helm upgrade devtron devtron/devtron-operator --namespace devtroncd \
-f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devtron-labs/devtron/main/charts/devtron/devtron-bom.yaml \
--set installer.modules={cicd} --reuse-values


4.2 Upgrade Devtron to a custom version. You can find the latest releases from Devtron on Github https://github.com/devtron-labs/devtron/releases


helm upgrade devtron devtron/devtron-operator --namespace devtroncd \
-f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devtron-labs/devtron/$DEVTRON_TARGET_VERSION/charts/devtron/devtron-bom.yaml \
--set installer.modules={cicd} --reuse-values

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