GitOps (Argo CD)

Prerequisite: Please make sure to install Build and Deploy (CI/CD) integration. To install it, click here.

Devtron integrates deeply with ArgoCD to implement GitOps for continuous delivery. Argo CD follows the GitOps pattern for using Git repositories as the source of truth for defining the desired application state on the target Kubernetes cluster. For more information, check Argo CD documentation.


  • No GitOps plumbing is required.

  • Provides seamless integration with Devtron CI pipelines and other Devtron integrations.


  1. On the Devtron Stack Manager > Discover page, click the GitOps (Argo CD).

  2. On the Discover Integrations/GitOps (Argo CD) page, click Install.

The installation status may be one of the following:

Installation statusDescription


The integration is not yet installed.


The installation is being initialized.


The installation is in progress. The logs are available to track the progress.


Installation failed and the logs are available to troubleshoot. You can retry the installation or contact support.


The integration is successfully installed and available on the Installed page.

Request timed out

The request to install has hit the maximum number of retries. You may retry the installation or contact support for further assistance.

A list of installed integrations can be viewed on the Devtron Stack Manager > Installed page.

To update an installed integration, please update Devtron.

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