Devtron Generic Helm Chart To Run Cron Job Or One Time Job

Using Devtron-generic-Helm Chart to run Cron Job or One Time job

You can discover over 200 Charts from the Devtron Chart store to perform different tasks such as to deploy a YAML file.
You can use Devtron-generic-Helm Chart to run the cron jobs or one time job.
Select the Devtron-generic Helm Chart from the Devtron Chart Store.
Select the Chart Version and the Chart Value of the Chart.
And, then Click on Deploy
Configure Devtron-generic-helm chart
Click on Deploy Chart
App Name
Name of the app
Name of the Project
Select the Environment in which you want to deploy app
Chart Version
Select the Version of the chart
Chart Values
Select the Chart Value or Create a Custom Value
In values.yaml, you can specify the YAML file that schedules the cron job for your application.
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