Devtron integrations extend the functionality of your Devtron stack.

Discover and install integrations

The current release of Devtron supports the Build and Deploy (CI/CD) integration. More integrations will be available soon; to request one, please submit a ticket

Integrations can be installed by super admins; However other user roles can browse and request super admins to install the required integrations.

Integrations are updated along with Devtron updates.

Select Devtron Stack Manager from the left navigation bar. Under INTEGRATIONS, select Discover.

Although the integrations are installed separately, they cannot be upgraded separately. Integrations update happens automatically with Devtron upgrade.

Build and Deploy (CI/CD) integration

Devtron CI/CD integration enables software development teams to automate the build and deployment process, allowing them to focus on meeting the business requirements, maintaining code quality, and ensuring security.


  • Leverages Kubernetes auto-scaling and centralized caching to give you unlimited cost-efficient CI workers.

  • Supports pre-CI and post-CI integrations for code quality monitoring.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Clair for image vulnerability scanning.

  • Supports different deployment strategies: Blue/Green, Rolling, Canary, and Recreate.

  • Implements GitOps to manage the state of Kubernetes applications.

  • Integrates with ArgoCD for continuous deployment.

  • Check logs, events, and manifests or exec inside containers for debugging.

  • Provides deployment metrics like; deployment frequency, lead time, change failure rate, and mean-time recovery.

  • Seamless integration with Grafana for continuous application metrics like CPU and memory usage, status code, throughput, and latency on the dashboard.


  1. On the Devtron Stack Manager > Discover page, select the Build and Deploy (CI/CD) integration.

  2. On the Discover integrations/Build and Deploy (CI/CD) page, select Install.

The installation status may be one of the following:

Installation statusDescription


The integration is not yet installed.


The installation is being initialized.


The installation is in progress. The logs are available to track the progress.


Installation failed and the logs are available to troubleshoot. You could retry the installation or contact support.


The integration is successfully installed and available on the Installed page.

Request timed out

The request to install has hit the maximum number of retries. You may retry the installation or contact support for further assistance.

A list of installed integrations can be viewed on the Devtron Stack Manager > Installed page.

To update an installed integration, please update Devtron.

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