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Devtron is installed over a Kubernetes cluster and can be installed standalone or along with CI/CD integration:

  • Devtron with CI/CD: Devtron installation with the CI/CD integration is used to perform CI/CD, security scanning, GitOps, debugging, and observability.

  • Devtron: The Devtron installation includes functionalities to deploy, observe, manage, and debug existing Helm applications in multiple clusters and deeply integrate with multiple tools using extensions.

The minimum requirements for Devtron and Devtron with CI/CD integration in production and non-production environments include:

  • Non-production


Devtron with CI/CD


6 GB



1 GB

  • Production (assumption based on 5 clusters)


Devtron with CI/CD


13 GB



3 GB

Refer to the Override Configurations section for more information.

Note: It is NOT recommended to use brustable CPU VMs (T series in AWS, B Series in Azure and E2/N1 in GCP) for Devtron installation.

Before you begin

Create a Kubernetes cluster (preferably K8s 1.16 or higher) if you haven't done that already!

Refer to the Creating a Production grade EKS cluster using EKSCTL article to set up a cluster in the production environment.

Installing Devtron

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