Command Bar

Why command bar?

The command bar is designed to enable you to navigate across the devtron dashboard without having to click around the screen.

Top-level categories (eg. app, chart, security, global-config) are auto-filled depending upon your location on the Devtron dashboard.

You can clear the top-level category to navigate within other category locations.



Open Command bar

Cmd/Ctrl + /


Explore nested options

Navigate to a screen


How to use the command bar (Eg. Navigate to Workflow editor of an App.)

Steps to use

  1. Open command bar by clicking the 🔍 search icon on left navbar or pressing Cmd/Ctrl + /

  2. Start typing the app name you're looking for.

  3. Navigate using between the matching results and press to view nested options.

    Note: Pressing Enter on a highlighted option will navigate to the selected page location.

  4. In this case, app / dashboard / configure / workflow-editor will navigate to the Workflow editor in dashboard application.

Similarly, you can use the command bar to navigate around the Devtron dashboard without a click.

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