Chart Group Create Edit And Deploy


Create Chart Group And Deploy App store applications.

1. Create Group

Select the Charts section from the left pane, you will be landed to the Chart Store page. Click on Discover and Click Button on right top Create Group.
It will pop-up a dialog, fill required data.
And click on right bottom button Create Group.
It will land you to the page where you can discover charts to add in this group and later deploy by single click.

2. Add Charts To Group

Choose any chart and add by plus button, save this group by pressing Save.
For Running Instances and Group Detail Click on Group Detail from here you can Edit yous charts as well.

3.Bulk Deploy and Edit Option for Charts

Charts are visible in right panel you can deploy it right bottom button Deploy To ..
It will open a dialog box, select project and environment where you want to deploy this specific chart.
Click on Advanced Option for more deploy option like values yaml environment and project selection for each chart.
Last modified 1mo ago